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In order to ensure there are no side affects in my patients, I make sure they have the DNA Complete 2C19 Test. I won't prescribe Plavix without it.
Dr. J Litton Dr. Litton is a leader in cardiovascular health and has written several articles on the side affects of Plavix.

Our Vison

To be a recognized leader in facilitating the healthcare shift from general medical treatment to customized patient treatment as the premier organization providing innovative drug management products and services and other non-invasive products that improve health outcomes

Predict Adverse Affects

Our product and services assist healthcare provider customize patient treatment by determining what type of metabolizers patients are in regards to the most common pathways responsible for metabolizing some of the most commonly prescribed products.

DNA Complete Cytochrome P450Tests


We had a great product but zero experience taking a product to market. Without the Helix group of experts we would have never made it. Dr. L. Wyncott
Dr. L Wyncott Dr. Wyncott is a pediatric cardiologist with Cook Children's Hospital